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Tailor-Made for AI Ventures

Uniquely positioned in the Israeli Healthtech ecosystem, we understand the plethora of needs and challenges facing healthtech AI-driven ventures. With those needs in mind, we created a comprehensive solution to fast-track the development and deployment of artificial intelligence innovations.

A Comprehensive Collaboration Framework

  • Deep, robust, and diverse data
  • Clinical consulting and advising
  • Business and tech network
  • Cutting-edge IT infrastructure

Built for AI Developers and Researchers

  • Data preparations and modeling
  • Development environments
  • Ongoing tech support
  • IT integrations for real-time clinical inferencing and validation

Data at Scale

RISE provides its partners with access to a wealth of digital medical data. Our digital database records all of the medical procedures performed at Assuta for the last two decades.
  • Over 100,000 surgeries yearly (including 17,000 orthopedic and 15,000 otolaryngologic procedures)
  • Hundreds of thousands of diagnostic tests annually (including 100,000 MRI scans, 280,000 mammograms, and 200,000 CT scans)
  • Tens of thousands of specialized treatments each year (including 40,000 radiother apy sessions and 21,000 IVF cycles).

Your Ideal Clinical Partner

As part of Israel’s premier private healthcare provider, RISE is the ideal clinical partner for the development, validation, and scale-up of your AI-driven medical technology.
  • 8 state-of-the-art medical centers across Israel
  • Over 1.5 million patients treated annually
  • The latest medical equipment and devices
  • Over 2,400 of Israel’s leading medical experts

Advanced Infrastructure

RISE’s Infrastructure was designed from the ground up to answer the needs of AI researchers and developers. It includes advanced image and data processing capabilities operating in collaboration with NVIDIA and AWS that allows tapping into deep, robust, real-world data, which facilitates accelerated product development, algorithm modeling and training, validation, and inferencing.
  • Secure remote access to de-identified data
  • Strong on-premises capabilities – NVIDIA DGX A-100
  • Scalable cloud environments – AWS
  • Multiple tools for developers, such as Clara + Bring Your Own
  • Professional support and advice by NVIDIA