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Center of Excellence for Pathology Innovation

Recent advances in pathology slide digital scanning offer incredible opportunities for the development of medical methodologies and products based on image analysis, molecular tests and AI. This can come in the form of making existing processes more efficient or creating new diagnostic capabilities. Critical to the developing molecular and personalized medicine fields, this data, combined with access to bio-samples, can help create technologies for early detection, diagnosis and personalized care. Currently, researchers and start-ups have to invest considerable resources to gain access to these resources as part of large time-consuming clinical trials.


With a view toward addressing this need, Patho-Lab, Assuta and Leumit Healthcare Services have partnered to establish the Center of Excellence for Pathology Innovation, combining the comprehensive pathology medical data, bio-samples, and interpretation into one easy-to-access, secure, and technologically advanced platform.

Services we provide:

After performing a feasibility check using our dedicated online catalog, that details the samples and data available, potential partners can opt for one or more of the following:


Milions of tissue samples collected as part of diagnostic and therapeutic processes are stored by Patho-LAb in paraffin blocks following the end of the interpretation process. The center helps partners locate and provides access to relevant samples for use in various diagnostic tests, along with the associated medical inofrmation they need.

Data access

The combined Center of Excellence for Pathology Innovation databases include scanned slides, documentation of
examination processes, and interpretations. All this, together with deep EMR information from Assuta and Leumit,
including medical imaging, lab tests, procedures and much more.


Pathology Excellence Center partners can request the preparation and staining of new slides
from stored tissues and/or those specially collected for analysis.


Patho-Lab, Assuta, or Leumit teams will participate in projects aimed at clinical trials, as well as validation pilots for
testing effectiveness, safety and usability of a product, using bio-samples or scanned pathology slides or other digital
data collected as part of the pathology diagnostic process.