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A. General

1. Assuta Medical Centers Ltd. (“Assuta”) is committed to protecting and securing the privacy of your Personal Information. We strongly urge you to read this Privacy Notice and make sure that you fully understand and agree to it. If you do not agree to this Notice, we ask that you refrain from providing us any of your Personal Information.

2. This Privacy Policy hereafter explains the types of Personal Information we collect, the purposes for which we collect it, and the measures which we take in order to protect the data that we have in our possession. This Privacy Statement sets forth your rights regarding your Personal Information and the manner in which you may contact us regarding our Privacy Policy.

3. Assuta is the data controller in respect of the processing activities outlined in this Privacy Policy with regard to your Personal Information.

4. Personal Information is any information concerning an identified or an identifiable individual that was shared with Assuta through the Website, which may include your name, ID no., email address, the name of the organization on behalf of which you operate and your role therein, your phone number and any other information you may choose to share (“Personal Information”).

5. Without derogating from the aforesaid, we may also collect the following information: communication data and location data, such as IP and the location of the computer you used to browse the Assuta website.

6. The information that will be provided to Assuta may be verified against information about you which Assuta already has in its possession, or by similar information provided to Assuta, or against any similar information held by any third party that will be lawfully provided to Assuta.


B. The Manner of Collecting the Information

7. The information is provided voluntarily as part of the process of contacting Assuta though the website, or is collected while reviewing the website. In addition, Personal Information from may be collected from you when you contact us, by telephone or online, for example for purposes of customer service, to schedule an appointment or to change an appointment, and more. We may also collect information through cookies, as set forth hereafter.

8. The user declares that he is aware that he has no legal obligation to provide his details and that the provision of the information is done of his own free will and with his consent. The user hereby expressly agrees to the storage of the information in Assuta’s databases, and to the said use of the details he has filled out and he confirms that their use in accordance with this privacy policy will not be considered an infringement of privacy and it will not entitle him to any relief or compensation.


C. The Purposes for which the Information is Collected
9. The information collected is intended for the following purposes:

9.1. To contact you or to provide you with certain Assuta services.

9.2. To provide you with marketing and/or advertising material, such as offers, services, promotions, and customized recommendations of Assuta, affiliated companies and third parties, as applicable, including by post or by e-mail or by SMS or by facsimile or by an automatic dialing system, in “push” messages using the device used by the user on the website or by any other means of communication.

9.3. To provide you with additional information including news, updates, and notices of Assuta and additional information about Assuta’s services, and to create, offer, and execute customer clubs and marketing collaborations.

9.4. To manage our day-to-day business needs, including managing internal accounts, reporting to clients, managing contracts, managing a website, charging payment and providing financial services.

9.5. For the purposes of anonymous statistical analysis of the information and its transfer to third parties.


D. Sharing the Information

10. Assuta will not sell and/or lease and/or transfer the information about you, in whole or in part, to any third party, without obtaining your express consent.

11. Without derogating from the aforesaid, Assuta will be entitled to share the Personal Information about you with third parties subject to the Privacy Protection Law and the guidelines of the Registrar of Databases regarding use of outsourcing services for the processing of Personal Information. Assuta will be entitled inter alia to disclose the information about you, all or in part, to third parties in accordance with the provisions mentioned above in the following cases:

11.1. Disclosure of the information or part of it to third parties who are partners or involved in the services that Assuta provides to its customers which is required in order to provide the services. It should be emphasized that unless otherwise stated, these parties have no right to use this information beyond the purpose for which Assuta provides it.

11.2. Assuta will provide the information to the extent necessary or as required according to law or in legal proceedings.

11.3. In the event that Assuta finds that your actions in the services violate the Terms of Use or are performed in order to commit fraud of any kind.

11.4. If Assuta organizes its activities in the framework of one body, including a merger with another body or a merger of activities. In such a case, Assuta will ensure that the third party with which Assuta has merged will assume the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

12. We may transfer your Personal Information to other countries where the data protection laws are different than those applicable in the country to which you have initially provided your Personal Information. In these cases, Assuta shall secure and protect your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or as otherwise disclosed to you.


E. Storing the Information

13. Assuta will store your Personal Information for as long as the information is necessary to achieve the objectives set forth above and for any additional period that may be necessary or permitted by law. The data collected about you will be stored in Assuta’s database and under its responsibility, according to the Privacy Protection Law, and the regulations enacted by its virtue.


F. Securing the Information

14. Assuta uses many innovative means in order to maintain the security of your information and privacy and it also makes sure to update and renew these measures from time to time, all in accordance with the requirements of the law, including the Privacy Protection Regulations (Information Security).


G. Your Rights

15. You may have the right or the possibility:

15.1. To choose to refuse some of the types of collection or use of your Personal Information, including the use of your Personal Information for marketing purposes.

15.2. To access your Personal Information, correct it, restrict its processing or oppose it completely, or request its deletion.

15.3. To receive the Personal Information you have provided to us in order to transfer it to another company.

15.4. To revoke any consent you have previously provided.

15.5. To file a complaint with the supervising authority.


H. Updates of the Privacy Notices

16. Assuta’s Privacy Policy may change from time to time, subject to the applicable law. In the event that Assuta materially changes this policy, a change concerning the manner in which Assuta uses the information and details provided by you, Assuta will notify of this by posting an appropriate notice on the Website, or by sending an email.


I. Cookies

17. A “cookie” is a small text file that is transmitted to your device by a web server. This file is not a computer program and does not have the ability to read the information contained in it or perform any activity on it. The purpose of using cookies is so that Assuta’s servers can identify you quickly and efficiently when you re-use any of the services and when you visit other sites. By agreeing to this usage policy, you allow Assuta to install cookies on your device, to use the information stored in cookies, and to identify you accordingly. Through cookies, Assuta may, in accordance with its sole discretion, publish information about it on various sites where you will browse (hereinafter: “Third Party Providers”). During your use of these sites, information about you may be collected and Assuta may use it as set forth above. Assuta is not responsible for the operation of sites of Third Party Providers or for the content offered on them. These are completely independent sites. Therefore, it is advisable to review the privacy policy documents of each of the sites of the Third Party Providers.

18. If you prefer to block cookies while browsing a site, you may change your browser’s settings so that it will ask for your approval each time individually, or alternatively you may refuse them completely. If you do not know how to do this, you can check the order of the process in the help tab of the browser you are using. Please note if you disable the cookies it is possible that this may constitute harm the provision of services and other data about your preferences and browsing habits, and in this way affect the activity (including availability) of the site.