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ALIVE is a pioneer mid-to-late stage VC fund that supports and accelerates the clinical and commercial expansion of healthtech ventures: helping them realize their full value potential and achieve large-scale success.

RISE’s strategic partnership with ALIVE offers start-ups significant business development resources, strategic guidance, and growth capital that allows them to scale up and take their business to the next level.

Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world in order to help international entities solve global challenges. Focusing on the Israeli technology ecosystem, they provide a platform that nurtures business growth and generates partnerships with key countries, multinational companies, and organizations to strengthen Israel’s economy and society.

Through the partnership with Start-Up Nation Central, Israeli entrepreneurs, and early-age start-ups working with RISE benefit from access to SNC’s global network of experts and investors: helping nurture and grow their businesses both locally and internationally.

RISE is proud to partner with Amazon Web Services in providing advanced cloud research & development environments geared toward accelerating innovation.

Companies working with RISE will also gain access to multiple AWS cloud services, including AWS’ global innovation network, which offers significant scaling and inferencing opportunities.

LionBird is an early-stage VC fund that provides pre-scale capital to help lay the best foundation for the growth and success of HeathTech start-ups.

The strategic partnership between RISE and LionBird allows us to offer a powerful combination of clinical expertise, capital, and business development know-how to early-stage start-ups.

By partnering with global GPU powerhouse NVIDIA, RISE can offer powerful on-premises computing capabilities and advanced analytical tools that support the development of AI and image processing applications.

Access to NVIDIA’s experts and global network of partners provides yet another significant advantage to companies working with RISE.

University City Science Center is a leading hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology development in Philadelphia that facilitates the transition of promising HealthTech startups from idea to commercialization.

Through our partnership with the Science Center, aspiring entrepreneurs and researchers working with RISE can benefit from essential US market insights, guidance on commercialization, and access to a vast network of potential US partners, customers, and investors.