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Passion & Excellence:
Innovating at Assuta

Patient-centric care is our past and future, but It’s a future we cannot bring about alone. Assuta is looking for the next big care breakthrough. Will you answer the call?

Gidi Leshetz, CEO, Assuta Medical Centers

In many ways, I think we should all feel very fortunate. We live in an age of opportunity, where developments in science and technology, including our ability to store and draw conclusions from big data, offer an unparalleled potential to improve our world and lives. This potential is most evident in healthcare, where I believe an incredible leap forward is in our grasp.

A care professional myself, and having made many house visits over the years, my perspective has always been that the patient should be at the center of healthcare. Unfortunately, this has not been the case since the Industrial Revolution, as village doctors gave way to large regional medical centers, and patients were expected to follow the schedules of these care hubs.

This is only now starting to reverse, as, for example, advances in home care medicine allow patients to receive treatment in a safe, natural environment: their own house, benefitting from the best possible care delivered by their chosen clinician – regardless of their place of residence or ability to travel. This, I might add, is one of the services we specialize in at Assuta.

In my opinion, embracing the opportunity of our age: science, and technology, promises a return to patient-centric care, and with the help of RISE, our innovation engine, Assuta is the ultimate venue to seize the moment and harness innovations that will steer medicine in the right direction.


Assuta & Innovation


As CEO of Assuta Medical Centers, I’ve met heads of medical organizations worldwide and gained perspective on the various ways innovation is handled in healthcare. For the most part, this involves identifying issues in clinical workflows and then looking for appropriate technological solutions. Although Assuta often employs this methodology itself, we also endeavor to take a different approach.

With a passion for advancing care and providing our patients with the best possible experience, we believe in actively searching for transformative, disruptive innovations and exploring whether they can answer questions we did not know to ask, which is precisely what RISE does for Assuta. This passion for bringing about change through technology and our out-of-the-box approach to leveraging cutting-edge technology in clinical practice sets Assuta and RISE apart, but it is not the only thing that does so.


without a collaborative spirit, success often eludes even the most dedicated of organizations


In Assuta’s fields of expertise, which include medical imaging, surgery, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and gastroenterology, only a few medical institutions can match the scope of procedures and tests we perform each year- all of which are conducted using the latest technologies and by some the finest doctors globally.

Moreover, RISE can leverage Assuta’s lean, agile organizational structure, along with its advanced data analysis and computing capabilities to swiftly, efficiently, and proactively drive innovation forward as well as deploy breakthrough technologies at scale.


Collaboration as a Value


It would appear as though Assuta and RISE present an almost ideal innovation partner for healthtech ventures, but almost is not good enough for us. Even if all items in the partnership checklist line up, without a collaborative spirit, success often eludes even the most dedicated of organizations.

At Assuta, it is our belief that breakthroughs are best achieved collaboratively. We understand that curiosity, a willingness to learn from others, and determination to always look for a better way of doing things are essential to maintaining our clinical excellence.

The best path forward requires the right partners, and that is precisely why we are looking for you: join us in developing, deploying, and scaling innovation, and together we can make all the difference.