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International Innovation Day  –  A Day to Look Forward

International Innovation Day is marked on February 16th of each year. For RISE, it is a reminder of the importance of the human side of innovation: the medical professionals and researchers who see a need and create a technological solution that can be applied to the benefit of patients.

Innovation brings with it hope and a wealth of possibilities. When paired with clinical experience, insights, and creativity, innovation can bring healthcare to new heights and capabilities, which is why a holistic, collaborative approach is crucial. Healthcare is facing major challenges, and the ability to generate innovation, tailor it to relevant applications, and implement it in a way that benefits everyone, separates our present reality from a better future.

Collaboration: The Key to Healthcare Innovation

Traditionally, innovation is the result of necessity. Yet, some of the best medical innovations started from a technological development that was later matched with a medical need. Doctors working at Assuta come from a variety of medical schools and are entrepreneurs at heart. This allows RISE to offer a unique value to its partners – multiple, enlightening perspectives on products and their intended uses.

By connecting Assuta’s medical professionals with technological partners and startups who help formulate solutions via advanced technologies, RISE empowers both sides, bringing about constant learning, improvement, and critical reflection that help foster a sense of possibility.

Holistic Application

Since application is just as important as innovation itself, RISE not only helps to develop technologies, but also facilitates their clinical application: achieving maximum benefit through essential feedback from users, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders that are critical to ensure success and a meaningful impact.

“Innovation and technology have qualities that can improve medical care, but cannot replace humans, especially in healthcare,”  says Dr. Guindy, RISE Director. “Yes, the computer does not get tired, is not affected by the previous case it saw, and does not have the rest of our weaknesses as human doctors, but human doctors contribute a depth of experience, creativity, and compassion that machines cannot.”

Where Does the Future Lie?

At Assuta, innovation has become second nature and a part of our DNA as we constantly build new services and value propositions for our patients and clinicians.

Through RISE, we are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters the accurate and precise application of personalized medicine, creating a new standard of preventive medicine as well as care for diagnosed patients. When a team of creative individuals collaborate to create holistic and integrative medical innovations, incredible things can happen. This International Innovation Day, RISE looks forward to a new era of healthcare innovation.