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The Rise With Us Program Was Officially Launched at a Celebratory Event

Stakeholders, leading industry figures, and prominent entrepreneurs joined to learn more and network.

RISE with US is an intensive four-week hybrid program designed to introduce selected Israeli entrepreneurs and early-stage startups working on digital and computational health solutions to the US healthcare market.



Joined by leading industry figures, prominent entrepreneurs as well as our fellow stakeholders: the University City Science Center, Naomi Assia & Co. Law Offices, Reinhold Cohn Group,  LionBird, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and NVIDIA, RISE was delighted to officially launch the RISE with US program during a special event at Assuta Ramat HaHayal Hospital.

While the program was formulated to address a clear need among healthtech entrepreneurs and start-ups, namely difficulty entering the U.S market and adapting existing products to its requirements, we were still pleasantly surprised to discover how excited many were upon learning about the program.

With a strong belief in the significance of early-stage validation for future revenue generation in the U.S, RISE with US utilizes the holistic resources of the founding partners, to provide inductees with the clinical, business, and technological knowledge and connections they need to succeed in the world’s largest healthcare market.

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RISE with US event